My Experiences with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Okay, so by now you’ve probably heard all about the myriad benefits that hemp oil can have on the human body and mind. It’s been long praised as a natural anti-depressant, pain reliever,anti-inflammatory, and immune system booster, just to name a very few.

After all the hype, I finally decided to give hemp oil a try. I’m going to talk really quickly about the two biggest takeaways I’ve gotten after roughly two weeks of using Satori Naturals Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.


How fast it starts working, and how it makes me feel.

No two people are the same. Our bodies and our experiences can vary in big ways. However, for me, I can start to feel the effects almost immediately after sublingual ingestion. After a few minutes, my entire body starts to feel very relaxed, my limbs feel light, as if they’ve been massaged out, and my mood changes for the better. The most easily apparent effect of the oil, in my opinion, is improved mood.


Inflammation and chronic-pain reduction.

The most valuable benefit for me was, by far, the effects it had on my joints, and conversely, my exercise routine.

After years of playing sports as a child, I developed chronic knee pain at a very young age. As a result, there are certain exercises that I had been forced to limit or give up altogether. But, after a few days of taking the Full Spectrumhemp oil, I decided to try to incorporate them back in, and thus far, I’m delighted to report: no knee pain whatsoever. None. Which is pretty amazing if you ask me.

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